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August 26, 2011 at 08:45 pm

I, Jitendra Kumar, working in a Software company in Gurgaon and associated with Indian Matters for 4 odd months went to Ramlila ground this Monday to become a part of the ongoing agitation headed by Anna. The atmosphere out there left me awe struck. It felt like that the struggle was not against corruption but for independence. Every other person was holding our Indian national flag and shouting Vande mataram and Inqulaab Zindabaad. The environment was filled with love for the nation. I, belonging to the current generation was obviously not a part of the freedom struggle which liberated us in '47 but participating in this struggle made me feel that I did just that. The very night of this day as I took a recap of all the events that unfurled, I felt, that at least for once, I did something for my country and if need be, I can bunk office again to be there.

I appeal to all of my fellow Indians that wherever they may be, please participate in this and help make India a new and better India. I promise you that doing this will leave you satisfied, refreshed and proud of yourself. It also may happen that you may never get the opportunity to live these moments again. Doing something for the nation doesn't only mean that you fight the enemy across the border, in fact this is the biggest opportunity for you to fight what now has turned into a full blown war against an enemy that lies within the boundaries.

We need to address this matter judiciously to make Indians matter.

Jitendra Kumar

Indian Matters


  • I echo the same...:) Jai Hind..we have proved that people of India,can do anything and everthing for their country...We have to keep this momentum as high as possible..This is really a great cause..We should all stand together for this..and FIGht against curruption..This is d real cause of allt he problems..Please SUPPORT ANNA and their revolution for dis good cause.....:)

  • Varun wrote:

    Great job, Jitendra! I couldn't be there but you made up for it, esp by stating your thoughts

  • radha wrote:

    Although i am far away from the battle so cant breath that air and feel as you.But i fully support Annaji as far as it was possible by me..Finally we won and The credit goes to youngistan like us...Now the poor politicians cant make us fool.And its really a great job jitendra sir.

  • Amit Kumar wrote:

    We must Congratulate Team Anna and people of India who supported this greatest anticorruption movement in India. People are raising against corruption. Whatever bill it is people also have to change. Otherwise, no use. I read the bill partially, it sounds like Jan LokPal bill says another governing body with ultimate power to control corruption. It is like small parallel government. (so, if wrong person is at the top then they can misuse the entire system based on that ultimate power, This i am mentioning to all you have to know and aware of the situation - like a double edge sword). So, make sure right person in all the top level always. Ultimate power is the key, it can go either way. Great job Jitu dada...

  • Hi Jitu bhai, I strongly concur with your thoughts and involvement in Anna movement. Let us do our bit in this great movement and make this country one of the best living place in the world. Let us raise our voice against corruption and do something for our country. Vande Mataram. Great job Jitu bhai

  • I am against the corruption. My special thanks to Mr Jitendra, he is my colleague and he drive us to take part in this movement. I think bettle against corruption is just started now. we have to work together to make India clean. If you have watched movie 'NAYAK', its best example to fight against corruption. Jai Hind - Jai Bharat

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