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Help us strengthen India. Show that an Indian matters, show that you care for India related matters. If you believe in our work & our ideology to take India forward in real terms, Support IM - Indian Matters!

How we look to take India forward?

  • Giving a platform to showcase good work done by people or social organizations and making people aware of such opportunities to volunteer or otherwise prompting them to themselves start new initiatives.
  • Community action by bringing issues to Talk About It, discussing them and using people's comments and IM as support, while pushing issues forward to the desired authorities with the involvement of people from the issue centric community, city and state.
  • Writing on issues which may well be eye openers or provide news of events which makes Indian people better aware and hence get them more involved in taking right actions.
  • Spreading a wave of positivity all across the nation with the efforts of leads, journalists and supporters.

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